Adhesive Pattern Vinyl


100CM x 30CM

A4 30CM X 20CM


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MULTI-APPLICATION - Enjoy permanent adhesive vinyl rolls that are compatible with leader brand vinyl machines, which can be used for Home Decor, Scrapbooking, Lettering, Graphics, Stickers, Decals, Mirrors, Laptop, Windows, Banners, Sign and any other smooth flat surface, and So Much More! pink shimmer vinyl CLEAN AND SMOOTH! - DIY your decorative craft gifts with holographic chrome vinyl craft paper, the vinyl are permanent vinyl so you can create Everlasting gifts to be impressed! Use our black vinyl decorations to Breathe Joy into friends and families. WATER RESISTANT AND DURABLE - The key to High Quality vinyl designs is having them LAST LONG...Both indoor and outdoor application is available, our vinyl will not fall off even in water, strong and durable enough.


Cobblestone Pattern Black, Cobblestone Pattern Blue, Cobblestone Pattern Gold, Cobblestone Pattern Green, Cobblestone Pattern Pink, Cobblestone Pattern Purple, Cobblestone Pattern Red, Cobblestone Pattern Silver, Dot Rose Red, Glitter Mermaid Pink, Holographic Starlight Adhesive Blue, Holographic Starlight Adhesive Gold, Holographic Starlight Adhesive Green, Holographic Starlight Adhesive Pink, Holographic Starlight Adhesive Rose Gold, Holographic Starlight Adhesive Silver, Metallic Brush Silver, Metallic Gold, Mosaic Pattern, Opal Mermaid Scale, Rainbow Diamond, Rainbow Hearts, Silver Ice Cubes, Starlight Adhesive Pink, Starlight Adhesive Rose Gold, Starlight Adhesive Silver, Texture Metallic Black, Texture Metallic Champagne Rose Gold, Texture Metallic Dark Gold, Texture Metallic Gold